Saturday, 30 January 2010

Information on the next two weeks.

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Created by Mark Robinson for his first solo exhibition in a few weeks time. Please feel free to come along and have a look! On display will be a selection of drawings and paintings curated by Ellie Greenwood; 3rd year Interactive Arts student, who will be exhibiting herself later on in the term.

On Tuesday morning, the current exhibition in the link will end an exhibition of Amy Gough's current work will be set up to run through to Monday the 8th.

'The concept is to challenge the audience’s perception of their own voyeurism by displacing them from the ‘norm’ when viewing art. The audience will become the subject and remain the audience in the piece. A live feed piece from recording cameras will project the audience onto a free wall. It requires the Link to be kept in its original state as a walkway.'

A disclaimer for next week's exhibition; Amy will be filming whoever passes through the link, and there will be projections on the walls of live footage. There will be signs outside the gallery warning passers by of the nature of the project and Amy claims that all filming is for research purposes only. If there are any problems please contact the gallery on or post a comment on the blog.

The Link Gallery

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

the first exhibition of twenty ten; new year, new start.


An exhibition documenting a person of thing remembered.

Ryan Higgins

Laura Burke
Runa Begum

Edwina McEachran
Marcin Wozniak.

Link Gallery; Chatham Building 18.01.2010- 01.02.2010

Hello fellow art lovers,
Here is the first exhibition of the year, curated by Ryan Higgins and Edwina McEachran; the new curators of the gallery. The gallery is getting very full, and I will be posting a list of all the confirmed artists for the next coming months. If you know these artists and would like to contact them about collaborating please do not hesitate to email the link at and we can arrange a meeting.

This blog has been set up to inform any potential exhibitors or just avid fans of the gallery what's in store for them in the following weeks! We will include photos from the exhibition including the openings. Comments about the work from the artists and reviews from around the school of art for critical feedback and also important information about events that may be happening.

What we can only offer is great contacts. Want to find someone to help with advertising? Need a whizz on the old computer? We can put adverts out for you on this blog and on our facebook page; THE LINK GALLERY so get in touch if you need some help with your exhibition!

The next months comprise of the following artists (subject to change without notice):

Tuesday 2nd February; Amy Gough, 3rd Year Painting
Video and camera installation. More information coming soon.

Monday 8th February; Mark Robinson, 1st Year Painting
Painting, drawing on canvas and paper.

Monday 15th February; Photography Assessment

Monday 22nd February; Images and Things.
Posters are up all around the school encouraging students in this module to send in their images from the essay for selection.

Monday 1st March; 3-D Students (Group Exhibition)

Monday 8th March; Printmaking Students (Group Exhibition)

Monday 15th March; Drawing Group
For more information about joining the drawing group please join the facebook page THE DRAWING GROUP. Or visit their blog at

Monday 12th April; Glittermouse TBC
Please visit the website

Monday 19th April; Amy Clough, 3rd year Painting.

Monday 26th April; Interactive Art Students, 1st year.

More information will be added soon, thanks for your interest!

The Link Gallery