Saturday, 30 January 2010

Information on the next two weeks.

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Created by Mark Robinson for his first solo exhibition in a few weeks time. Please feel free to come along and have a look! On display will be a selection of drawings and paintings curated by Ellie Greenwood; 3rd year Interactive Arts student, who will be exhibiting herself later on in the term.

On Tuesday morning, the current exhibition in the link will end an exhibition of Amy Gough's current work will be set up to run through to Monday the 8th.

'The concept is to challenge the audience’s perception of their own voyeurism by displacing them from the ‘norm’ when viewing art. The audience will become the subject and remain the audience in the piece. A live feed piece from recording cameras will project the audience onto a free wall. It requires the Link to be kept in its original state as a walkway.'

A disclaimer for next week's exhibition; Amy will be filming whoever passes through the link, and there will be projections on the walls of live footage. There will be signs outside the gallery warning passers by of the nature of the project and Amy claims that all filming is for research purposes only. If there are any problems please contact the gallery on or post a comment on the blog.

The Link Gallery

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