Thursday, 11 February 2010


Hello Everyone,

Last week we saw the exhibition of Amy Gough's video experiment. Cameras were attached to the roof of the gallery and were projected on opposite sides of the corridor. The final product looked great, if you were unlucky enough to not see it, we will be uploading photos later on in the week. Amy is a 3rd year painting student and will be holding an exhibition in the Holdon Gallery later on this term.

This week we have Mark Robinson's exhibition which will be running until tomorrow morning (Friday). We were having lots of compliments even before it went up so if you haven't walked through please make sure you do it tonight or tomorrow morning, if only to see it coming down. The exhibition includes a selection of prints, paintings and drawings; mostly done in the first term of 1st year painting. An impressive collection of work influenced by primitiveness and Pop Art. Please visit for more information on Mark's work.

Going up this week is the Photography assessment work, and then the week after will be the Images and Things exhibition; a selection of images from 1st year essays from Friday lectures. We are still in the process of selecting images so if you'd like to still be apart of this then please send your images in a jpeg to This will be going on throughout reading week so if you're still around please come and have a look.

The Link Gallery.

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